Women as Slaves – Hilliary Clinton’s speech

The 1943 Post Cover by Norman Rockwell. Copyright by the Curtis Publishing Companyand reproduced here with their kind permission. 1943 SEPS: Licensed by Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN

J. Howard Miller's "We Can Do It!", commonly mistaken to be Rosie the Riveter

J. Howard Miller’s “We Can Do It!”, commonly mistaken to be Rosie the Riveter

Both illustrations above show the working class woman at her best. This is where history sees us. Barefoot and Pregnant or on the assembly lines pulling the fat out of the fryer in times of war.

Last nights DNC speech by Hillary Clinton – quoting Harriet Tubman saying ” no matter what happens, keep going. ” was not lost on the women in my family. I am still just furious that Hillary – a seasoned Senator and life long advicate for Universal Healthcare – a woman of a certain age and devoted mother was passed over for promotion in order to give the job – in his dreams – to a less experienced younger much less qualified man.This irritates me no end. The fact that Edwards would have not taken Iowa if his scandel had broke during the prims and that Hillary would have – there securing the nomination has me spitting nails. Who is running this railroad and why on earth are the Kennedy’s still so powerful. I as a Green Party member would have crossed party lines and voted for Hillary. I will still get to vote for a woman, Cynthia McKinney . I will still get to escort my little girls to the voting booth and show them that we can try for equality and not to give up hope. But we as a country will hear very little about the Green Party’s candidate or about any other Ind. Candidate as our country is being ruled by a Monarchy of GOP power elite – Industrialists who skim off the top of every segment of government and social programs.

I get you though Hillary. We are still slaves, us American women. History in the making? Business as usual.

America it seems hates women and wants us to dissapear – getting thinner and thinner. Used for fodder to grease the machinery and sell magazines and refrigerators. Glamazons or Lolitaish whores there is not room  for women who will not pander to the corporations or stand up to the Sexist and Unequal policies and programs of the Old School Bones Boys club. Women who will not put up with this consumerist corporate slavery. We need a woman Marx or Lenin or Mao or Rousseau. Where is our generations Rachel Carson or Margaret Thatcher – Mother Jones. Hillary was to be all this and more to us. Yes we have Women Astronauts http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4770249. Yes there is a woman speaker of the house and one woman Supreme court judge and a woman Secretary of State. We have come along way baby – they need us more than ever to buy their products and oil. They need us to continue to breed the next generations of consumers. They do not however need us to have a voice – a voice that would change the country and our world forever. As far as I am concerned Hillary I am tired of going on – and running. It is time to stop and stand our ground and take back what is rightfully ours. The time for peaceful resignation is over – passive resistance is from another time. It is time to fight. We need Wonder Woman.

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