“Do not underestimate the power of the dark side”

What do men want?

In my family it’s Video Games. Forget World Peace or a Democratic united government, fresh water or food. Nope – it’s video games. My dearest other half –  working class blue collar and all American mentioned that for our Wedding Anniversary he would like http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/soulcaliburiv/news.html?sid=6191743   Soul Calibur 3 – which lead to cheers from the other children in the family. I am not a gamer – let me set that straight. Yet I can enjoy a well done animation and story and being a writer and artist – I believe that at their core Games are Art. My passion is Gardening and fighting the rodents for my vegetables, the rest of the family want to play Video Games, Xbox, Wii, Playstation, Nintendo whatever – if it comes with a box and a few controllers, they are in. The girls are too so it is not just a boy thing. My husband and I both grew up in very game/technology tolerant families. I would prefer everyone just put on some plays they have written and puppet shows and mabey even interpretive dance. I would love some poetry and paintings. I lean towards the Waldorf anti-technology lets make some bread and knit evenings but I am only one. Five other votes to battle or race or plan strategy to build civilizations cancel my plans. But not always as the childrens paintings, home made books and block cities do lay about the house. And we have three – no technology days where they do garden and can only play outside or read (books). Bedtime reading is a nightly ritual and everyone must play with their pets, cats and dogs.  Can I judge the pejorative connotations – violence and lack of awarness to one’s surroundings, competiveness that leads often to arguments and dissasfaction rather than unity?  Well I do and they debate their side and I find I am often teased about my own leisure time obsessions – Crypto-Zoology, Harry Potter and my Herb garden. Many of these can lead to arguments and time waste-ing as well.

So I have been weighing my conscious and thinking – it’s not so bad – they do have other (forced) interests and I will get them out to parks and to the lakes for fishing. I will make sure that the death struggle for controller two does not continue out of hand and that everyone gets a turn….I am teaching “peace”. That being finally settled in my mind I researched what the traditional 11th year gift would be. It just so happens that it is Steel – lucky man to want a game with Swords then. The only dilema then is the two versions of the SC game that he wants. Clever marketing tricksy marketing people. Villians all. They have made a few versions…and I know which one he wants.

I’m not sure what I want. In years past it was alone time. Time is the most prescious commodity in my world. This year though I think I will go for some maintance and something medative. A lower blood pressure mabey.

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