In case you did not know this about Earth Worms…

They do not tolerate even the smallest amount of bleach – cleaned out the kids pool and even a few drops mixed with several gallons of water made all the earthworms flee from beneath the earth. I wonder if this is how they are farmed in the wild?

The land here seems to have a mixture of worms – most likely due to the Springs and Lake so close.

Saved most of the ones effected by the cleaning –  in the garden and the robins got the others. Put a few in the wormery for the compost.

Oh and I learned mosquitos have 47 teeth today. Creepy. Yet I am three years behind the times of the average USA today reader…

USA Today article – Mosquitos have :Four sets of teeth  — four knife-like tools of serrated teeth that surround a pair of fine tubes — one for dripping a pain suppressor and one for sucking blood. A common house mosquito  stabs the skin with her sharp snout and saws in with her four knife tools to draw blood. She shoots in saliva laced with anesthetic (to escape notice) and an anticoagulant (to keep blood flowing). Then she sucks blood.

In 90 seconds, she sucks enough blood to nourish 100 eggs or more — and is too heavy to fly. She makes a controlled descent to a close safe spot where she squeezes in on her abdomen. Water oozes out of the blood, filtered through the abdominal wall, and forms a large drop. Light again, she takes off.

During her short adult life (two weeks to a month) she bites one to three times, says Larry Weber, naturalist and author of Spiders of the North Woods.

As all my (male) editors point out, only female mosquitoes draw blood (for needed protein). The males feed on nectar and plant juices.

Mosquito — designed by God to make us think better of flies.— Anonymous

Bees and Butterflies – Bugs all and all bugs are effected by the massive spraying of insecticides that are everywhere, like teflon in everyones blood all over the planet. Without the Butterflies what will people in Brazil do for rain?

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