Peacemongers –

For Susan,

Check out this site she forwarded. Amazing. All (Okay most) of our college kids are to busy text messaging to hook up and watching OC and reading tabloids about Chiuahua’s and Tori Spelling to actually have some thoughts about our Grandmothers getting thrown in Prison for Protesting and spreading truths about wars over OIL and Holy wars.  I know only a few exceptions.  What the heck when Universities are cracking down on Free Speach and not one TV station covers Green Party events or Independents. There are after all only two parties right? The Wiggs and the Torries? Oh sorry I mean the Reps and the Dems. One in the same. Same coin and Masters.

Here’s a bed time story for you….

The Cherokee Indians of North America – had a history of war and violence, they were after all neighbors of very strong warrior nations. They developed over time the wisdom to have a War Chief and a Peace Chief – Four of them – two of each, two men, two women – usually elders who had seen a thing or two but never forgot to plan down the line 7 generations (at least).  When in War they planned for Peace and in times of Peace they planned for the safety of the clans. Trusting in the goodness of others they often made mistakes and put their trust in those not worthy of it. Loosing them their land, lives, children and almost their culture. They live on however and those of us – the descendents of the “People” – remember the Grandmother’s Council. An association of Women who had the final input over the tribes major descisions. Never would the Chiefs dare to take action without seeking their sensitive and powerful opinions. The years before the Trail of Tears the council was not sought and the Men of our Tribe looked less to the Women of our seven clans for reflection and wisdom. They looked to their peers taking over the Great land and saw that the Men of the European World did not revere their women and keep their council. The women of this new age did not even get to vote or own property – or even have dominion over their own person.

Our Fathers wanted to be more like these new men and forget the ways of their Mothers, Grandmothers and the Great Spirit herself – who is both Father and Mother – one and the same. They began to dress in the Western fashion and to believe in the  love of money and possesion. They did not see the coming storm and did not teach their children to remember.

The Deer Clan sent a message to all the other clans that a great storm was coming. The messages were largely ignored and the storm did come and took the Cherokee’s children and their land and scattered the people across the land of their Grandmothers. The Mother’s remembered and fought, the fathers woke up and fought and slowly the people remember who they are and remember the Grandmother’s council.

If you do not remember the Past you will relive it. If your treasure is Oil or Money or Power – there is your heart. If you let your children die without comment you will have forgotten who you are – and that you are more than an animal and do not serve at the whim of man.

The Grandmothers are speaking. We need to listen.

America is built upon not only the taking of other people’s land but on being able to repress the speaking about it.  People have fought long and hard to have freedom of speech and expression in an orderly and peaceful manner. The internet is a miraculous forum for sharing of knowledge and ideaology and fun songs and receipies. It is a leap in the manner of erudition and a sharing of philosophy and a search for a general understanding of values and reality by chiefly speculative rather than observational means. Blogs being the exception as people are sharing their experiences – mundane – profound and otherwise, more than in any other time in history. What if Ghandi had a blog? Or in my case Sequoyah (Invented the Cherokee Alphabet)

or even the witches in the burning times….

We are very lucky to have such freedom now. The other side of that coin is … at what price freedom. Freedom is never Free.

Good luck Susan and all the lovely free thinking Grandmothers out there.


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