Things a brewing…

Quakers, Leonard Peltier, Vivienne Westwood, Koi fish, Anime Central, Bridging to Brownies, Fishing trips, Listening for the ever increasingly quieter Native American Voices , Wilma Mankiller, Watercolors, Pens or Paint? Children in China and Earthquakes – not enough Candles and Prayers for me to grasp distaster…Berkley Witches casting for Peace. Unions mass transportation and grocery prices. Walking and shoes with good arch support.

For now it is laundry and the rag biz.

Thinking of children living under bridges and the water pollution. Listening to the View and NPR and regretting feeding the Raccoon and Rabbits all winter – the garden will be harder to guard…still it could be lions and the FBI could be trying to steal all Pewaukees children. Home owners associations that wont let you hang out your clothes to dry…

There is so much to life that is subjective. So many faces to the truth but really can there be more than one truth? Down to intention till there can be no more questions.

The truth that comes to mind today is “Bloom where your planted” made very commercial and available by dearest Mary Engelbright but truly an old Quaker saying.

Bloom you out there in the wilderness…and wear better shoes or go barefoot.

Keep the lists alive.


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