Middle Class Weeds

We mowed the lawn today and emptied boxes of plant containers and gardening misc. and moved things broken by the long snows.  I hate the lawn mower – gas snarking loud things that they are – I would rather have a goat. Talked the husband into leaving all the thistles and most of the weeds. It had occured to me that like the dandelions these weeds are misunderstood – the bumble bees love these weeds and most of them are quite beautiful. Snooty plants just will not do this year. The Mints and the plants from last year and seed packets stored for lack of time will have to do. I refuse to spend any money on anthing at all for the garden after the rabbits and deer last year just feasted on anything they could. It is still cold to me – even though it says 65 degrees. Mabey the mood will shift but I am leaving the weeds – most of them – mabey even stake them up and surround them with recycled dish tile stepping stones. Another project left from last year.

 I was going to write about the May 11th Bay View Labor massacre yesterday – that and Kent State but I just got so sad about Labor all the world and how it really has not changed. Corporations still rule and hold us all under their boot.

Still – we have the 8 hour work day now…not that most can save and prosper from it. A woman in California who worked for the State once told me that the world wage was moving towards $7.50 an hour. A Universal wage that no one would be able to live on – not like our parents anyway – sure we can buy horrid junk food and bits of plastic from China…but really truly where is it all going?

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