It has been nothing but rush and work and clean and think about clean water and affordable food. Bullies at school agelessly bullying as their kind do and nasty pesticide spraying corporations spraying every old persons yard around here that they can bamboozal into paying over a fortune for something that will end up killing them and the planet.

What on earth did the dandelions ever do to you? People in Germany treat the noble dandelion like a medicinal plant. Natives ate it – bees thrive on them. I am surrounded by zombies.

I am in the mood for a zombie marathon – Shaun of the Dead, I am Legend, Last man on Earth, Omega Man, Resident Evils, Night of the Living Dead – I cant watch the newer Dead movies – too “life-like”.

So living in the land of the zombi-people I wonder how much longer we will all stay asleep?


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  1. brandelion
    May 01, 2008 @ 02:48:51

    funny you should mention the dandelions; i’m working on a project with my Roo that extols the virtue of the dandelion, and urges people who care too much about their water-sucking grass to donate money to charity instead of spraying for weeds.

    it’s gonna change the WORLD. heheh.


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