Shape Shifters

There is a great debate in my house about Shapeshiffting.

In Chicago a few days ago – a Mountain Lion was killed and it was just such a peculiar thing that they would have footage of the police hunting him and then – killing him not tranquilizing mind you – killing him, that I mentioned out loud in front of my family how I thought he (the mountain lion) must have been a medicine man and that the police were mostly just interested in killing him – he must be up to no good. Without missing a beat both husband and children comment on how it could not possibly be a Medicine Man Shape Shiffter because “when you die – you change back into your human self”. Which lead to much heated debate – in that there is no proof of this and magically you would have to change yourself back consciously or stay in that form…was my argument. Night Stalkerish stories and Magic and Mystry is just normal everyday for us here, and the fact that I am writing a childrens book on Lake Monsters has us all a little more than open minded about unseen forces and creatures.

I looked at my little children and hoped with all my heart that they will be able to balance mystery, facts, science and magic. Draw their own conclusions and debate fairies with their own children while reading some Harry Potter and Rachel Carson and Nana’s books on Sea Monsters.

I believe in Shape Shifters on more than one level.


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