Going to the library alot.

Half Blood Prince – Harry Potter JKR (again)

The 7 O Clock BedtimeInda Schaenen

Life, Nature and Cultivation of Anthrosophy by Steiner, Rudolf    a bit long haired actually.

National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) – working on my certifications.

Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child Through the Rhythms of the Day – a very good read.

Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale – gorgeous artwork.

I read a lot of Waldorf books and still love the theories – though my kids watch TV and play Video games and sleep with super hero or Hello Kitty sheets. I think that Waldorf in theory is lovely and I am all for it, but living in a land of commercialization – kids are going to navigate those waters eventually and I wanted to teach my kids early – small doses – I like them to be still and think for themselves too…I do find it amusing when my children ask for Ambien or the very latest sneakers, Children are very susceptable ( to advertising. They catch it quite readily.  I use this advertising barage as a tool to teach them (my children) about the capitalist propaganda machine, the man, needs and wants and what is really valuable. We end the discussion with the Native American saying “you can not eat money” or a “save your money” or someday like in Star Trek we won’t need money.  There should be more childrens books on money I think.

We read a lot of books – A million Scholastic Books now as we are neck deep in a school reading contest.

I am starting a summer mommy book list – no childrens books allowed – I think a good beachy mix of biography, fiction and terror. I come from a very booky family. My husband however does not. He hates all the books I have and the room that a library takes up. I find this fascinating – I thought everyone grew up with libraries in their home – no matter how small. My grandmothers was just one small shelf of classics and I thought they were breath-taking and wonderous.

I think I am adding Jane Austin (all) to the summer read.

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  1. eleanorah
    Apr 26, 2008 @ 16:14:51

    we had Roo in a Waldorf school briefly this year. i didn’t like it; she was happy as a clam, and they did a great job teaching/molding her, but i disagreed with the sometimes violent rejection of television, and especially video games, espoused by the other parents, teachers, and staff. like you said: small doses are good. we live in a high-paced world where hardly anything is rainbows and butterflies, but it seems like the Waldorf POV is to bring children up to think that there’s nothing but the sweet.


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