Spring Fever

I think that I am getting the hang of it. The old muscle memory comes back – a bit like riding a blog bike.

I miss all my old bloggy buddies, Jen, Bran, Lori, Kitt, LL and the mommys. Things have changed so much in three years – subtle yet earth changing things – wars – water – oil – $2.00 tomatoes. The kids are calming down now after a week or two of acting like Spring Fevered Goat babies. I notice some of the moms and many of the people that I work with just losing it after a much to cold and snowy winter.

I am thinking a lot about the poor culty FLDS moms. I hate the thought of government taking children away from their mothers…weighing this against the subjugation of women and children. In my opinion If children are the most prescious thing in our or anyone elses world – they should be treated as sacred and cherished and the whole world needs to perhaps look at how the children of the world suffer and are treated. We are on the right track though – conversation and awarness is the start.

Off to look for more evidence of PollyPogo and to visit some old buddies bloggies and to work.

Sunny and crisp today.

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  1. bran
    Apr 21, 2008 @ 16:52:18

    LILI! I have been wondering and wondering about you. come find me at my fun blog: http://www.brandelion.com/blithe/

    welcome back to the world, old friend! 😀


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