Machiavellian Styles

I came to Word Press a few days ago by way of Googling “Evil Girl Scout Moms”.

Long have I forgotten that even in the most quiet of places – even in the Shire there can be evil and malcontent – the Dark hand reaching across to the foolish and unispired. Came across a blog where was shared a very warm hearted and sad tale of Girl Scout Moms callousness.  I was inspired because of my own situation with my own little daughters Daisy Scout troop leader.

 I won’t go into it much because it is so fresh and just not the right time…but really has it all turned to Machiavelli style tactics to survive the politics of Scouting groups and Kindergarten?

I’d like to think that I could rise above such politics but it seems as if we are surrounded on all fronts. The Pres. Election debates – Corporations- all positioning themselves for the battle of our hearts, minds but mostly pocket books. I am done for now and yet I cannot put down my History books and wonder why more Women have not written War books. We must be made of different things? Sugar and Spice and all that.

My favorite NM quotes that keep me up at night:

The greatest remedy that is used against a plan of the enemy is to do voluntarily what he plans that you do by force.

You must never believe that the enemy does not know how to conduct his own affairs. Indeed, if you want to be deceived less and want to bear less danger, the more the enemy is weak or the less the enemy is cautious, so much more must you esteem him.

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  1. Susan
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 23:29:27

    • The greatest remedy that is used against a plan of the enemy is to do voluntarily what he plans that you do by force.

    That is very scary!
    I feel for you all (interp southern style: y’all). Do you need anything from down south (Atlanta Ga)? Some seeds for you gardens? I will keep the kudzu down here, altho it grows fast and stops erosion, then keeps on growing and growing.

    The reason I am at your blog is because I got a google alert for “Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace.” I am really glad I stopped by-you have a good spirit. Here is a link to a video of our arrest when we tried to enlist in the army to replace young people who are there. Enjoy, and I am serious about seeds for your gardens.


  2. lilikaofthelake
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 18:40:54

    Oh Susan you guys are right on.
    Thank you for visiting and I would love to trade seeds!
    Good luck – keep in touch!


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